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2017 Northern Lights Power League

Greetings from Northern Lights Juniors! We hope that you will join us in 2017 for the 29th Northern Lights Power League!

Please Note the Following Change: 2017 Schedules will be on Real Time Results www.gamepointrtr.com

Power League Registration is Now Open!

Registration is open for the 29th Northern Lights Power League. We are using a new registration system this year - register is quick and simple with online payment options. The new registration site is www.tm2sign.com. Detailed registration instructions can be found below.

Paid First Officials

Northern Lights will be offering paid first officials for 2017. Having paid First Officials has been well-received in the past years it has been offered. The benefits of a paid First Official are:

  • Paid officials keep matches running on time
  • Paid officials allow coaches to assist scorers
  • Paid officials give a more professional appearance
  • Players learn to officiate properly by watching a trained official

League Cost

5 League Dates ($695)
*** Optional FREE sixth date! See below! ***

Northern Lights takes pride in the fact that our Power League is one of the best leagues in the Midwest.  The extra cost for our league gives you the following:

  • State-of-the-art Facility: All matches are played at the finest volleyball-only facility - Midwest Volleyball Warhouse.  Cushioned floors and safe, clear court space for players.  Plenty of room for spectators.  450+ parking spaces. 
  • Superior Scheduling:  We use RealTimeResults for all schedules - updated as soon as matches are finished, throughout the facility and on the internet.
  • Certified Athletic Trainers: Trainers will be on staff during all competitions - an added level of safety and service for your teams.
  • Paid Officials: First Officials provided on all courts - professional, efficient, organized!

Sixth Optional Competition Date for FREE!

Teams that register and pay for the Power League can also register separately for the Optional Play Date. Entry fee will be waived for all Power League teams ($85 for teams not registered for the Power League).  Entry is first-come, first-served - there is not enough room for all Power League teams.  Register early to save your spot.

Single Playdates Available

A variety of individual playdates are available for most ages in 2017. Teams that cannot register for the entire Power League can choose several individual dates to play. Playing in single dates DOES NOT guarantee competition against the regular Power League teams. All matches are played at the Midwest Volleyball Warehouse in Burnsville, MN and include a halfday of play (3 matches per date minimum). Please follow this link to get more information about our single playdates.  

Attendance Policy

Teams can miss any league date for any reason, if they notifiy us at least two weeks in advance. Please review the new  Attendance Policy.  

Two Adult Rostered Contacts Required

Each team must have two contact people.  One can be the Club Director / Team Rep, and the other must be a coach.  This will ensure we have valid contacts to which we can send important information, schedule changes, etc.

Both the Club Director and Head Coach MUST HAVE a valid email address and a valid phone number.  Most communication will be done through email.  We want phone numbers in case of critical situations when we need to get a hold of somebody on your team.  Your entry will not be considered complete until we have two contacts on each roster.


12's Division:  For 11 / 12 and Under Teams
14's Division:  For 13 / 14 and Under Teams
16's Division:  For 15 / 16 and Under Teams
18's Division:  For 17 / 18 and Under Teams

Divisions will be grouped such that all 12's and 16's teams will compete on one weekend, and all 14's and 18's teams will compete on the opposite weekend. (Exception to this is Power League Date #2/3 where 12's/14's and 16's/18's will play on the same weekend)

Competition Dates and Times

All league dates will be half-day events running on either Saturday or Sunday, morning or afternoon wave.  The four possible competition waves are:  

Saturday: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Saturday: 2:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday: 2:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Play day #





Opt. Date 1 Pool Play   January 7 12's & 16's 
Opt. Date 2 Pool Play   January 8 14's & 18's
1 Snake Seed Pools Pool ranking January 14 & 15 12's & 16's
1 Snake Seed Pools Pool ranking January 21 & 22 14's & 18's
2 Bracket Play 2 teams February 4 & 5 12's & 16's
2 Bracket Play 2 teams February 11 & 12 18's
3 Power Pools 2 teams February 11 & 12  16's
2 Bracket Play 2 teams February 25 & 26 14's
3 Power Pools 2 teams February 25 & 26  12's
3 Power Pools 2 teams March 4 & 5 14's & 18's
4 Bracket Play 2 teams March 11 & 12 12's & 16's
4 Bracket Play 2 teams March 18 & 19 14's & 18's
5 Power Pools Final finish March 25 & 26 12's & 16's
5 Power Pools Final finish April 1 & 2 14's & 18's

NOTE: Power League Date #2 and #3 are different from the other Power League dates. We are not allowed to have age groups competing in conflict with the newly expanded NCR President's Day tournament. As a result, 12's/14's and 16's/18's will play on the same weekends.

At this point it is not possible to determine if you will play on either Saturday or Sunday. Your actual play date will be determined by your position in the pools.

Here is the estimated master pool schedule for the entire season. This schedule will change - it is only meant to give you an idea of what day you could play. Once registration has closed and we know the exact number of pools in each division, the schedule will be more accurate.

Before registering your team for the Power League you should be sure that your team would be able to attend all league dates regardless of AM or PM, Saturday or Sunday shift.

We are not able to accept any special requests for specific shifts due to the nature of the schedule. You must be able to field a team for either a morning or afternoon shift on either Saturday or Sunday for the date that you play. See below for cancellation policy.

Power League Format

This year's format is very similar to the popular format we have used the last few years. The difference is that we are allowing more teams to move up or down each date!  This will allow teams to more quickly find the level of play that best suits the team.

Examples of what is meant by "snake seeding", "power pools", and "tournament play" can be found here

Initial Seeding: For the first Power League date, teams will be seeded according to their overall power league, regional finishes last year and input from the coaches. That first round of play will then be used to "confirm" or adjust the seeding for the second playday. If your team is seeded in the bottom half it does not mean that you cannot get into the top half during the season.

Team Movement: Each week, teams will move depending on their finish. For the dates showing "2 teams move", two teams from the pool or bracket will move up and two teams will move down. This will allow teams to move from pool to pool more quickly. For the dates showing "1 team moves", only one team will move up and one team will move down. Teams will not be moved after their final play date - where they finish in their pool will determine their final finish in the league.

Snake Seed: On date 1 the pools will be snake seeded from top to bottom split into an upper division and lower division. This seeding process will spread out all of the teams based on rank. i.e.- Team ranked #1 will be team #1 in pool #1, Team ranked #2 will be team #1 in pool # 2 and so on. Each team will play 3 matches. Each match will consist of two 25 point rally games and one 15 point rally game. All three games will be played regardless of the outcome of the first two games.

Power Pools: On Dates 3 and 5, the pools will be set up as power pools, i.e. - the top 4 teams will be in pool #1, teams ranked 5-8 will be in pool #2, and so on. Power pools allow teams of similar ability to compete against each other. Each team will play 3 matches. Each match will consist of two 25 point rally games and one 15 point rally game. All three games will be played regardless of the outcome of the first two games.

Tournament Play: On dates 2 and 4 teams will be set up in an eight team bracket format. This will allow a team the opportunity to move as many as 8 positions in one day. This will be done by placing two pools together, seeding them 1-8, and then playing a special tournament format which will rank all teams 1-8 and give each team 3 matches (best 2 of 3 on these dates) during their 6 hour shift. On these dates we will play with games 1 & 2 being 25 point rally games and the third game if needed to decide a match winner will be one 15 point rally game.


We will post the schedule for each weekend on the internet at Real Time Results (www.gamepointrtr.com). Schedules will generally be posted by the Wednesday preceeding your playing dates. There will be no postal mailings made.

Winter Weather

Power Leagues will run as scheduled regardless of winter weather. It is extremely unlikely that we would ever cancel a Power League. If we were to cancel Power League due to 12+ inches of snow, we would post the information on the website in place of that day's schedule. In the unlikely event of a weather cancellation there will be no rescheduled dates and no refunds, teams will simply advance to the next date in their same respective positions.

Absence from the League

One of the biggest issues we face while running the Northern Lights Power League is  teams missing league dates or simply not showing up for their competition. Teams frequently inform us they will be missing after the schedule for the league date has already been posted. Changing the schedule is difficult and ends up impacting all of the other teams in the pool or bracket. The coaches, players, and parents on the receiving end complain to Northern Lights to do something about it.

Because of this, we have adopted a policy for requests to miss league dates, late notification, and simply not showing up.  Click here to view the policy.

Optional Dates

Teams that participate in the Optional Dates will have added opportunity to demonstrate their level of play. Registration for these dates is separate from the Power League registration. For Power League 2017 participants, the entrance fee to the optional date is $0. For other teams, the fee is $85.  Your team must be registered and paid for the Power League to receive the discount.

The Optional Dates help us more correctly seed these teams.  A minimum number of 4 teams in an age division is required for a pool. Participation in the optional competition dates is on a first come first serve basis.  Registration instructions can be found below. 


Teams will be assigned officiating and scorekeeping tasks in the same manner as in a normal tournament.  You will be required to supply a second (down) official, scorekeeper, libero tracker, scoreboard operator, and two line judges.  You will also be required to supply a first (up) official in the event that one is not available or you have registered for the league with no paid officials. 

Note to all coaches, per North Country Region Rule

Paid First Official League

The head coach, assistant coach or a registered adult must be the SECOND referee.  This adult must be registered with North Country Region USA Volleyball and have attended an official's clinic. 

For the 12 & Under Division, we are requesting that there be NO SECOND REFEREE.  Instead, the head coach, assistant coach, or registered adult must be at the SCORER TABLE assisting with the scorekeeping.  The 12 & Under Division officiating can be handled by the paid official.


Legal USAV uniforms are required to play. Please check USAV Rules and Regulations. Due to the large number of people trying to get uniforms at the start of the season we will allow non matching uniforms during the first three weekends of January.


The league will be sanctioned as USA Volleyball event. All teams must be USAV registered by the first day they play.

Further information about USAV membership can be found on the North Country Region website ncrusav.org, or by calling the North Country Region office at 952-831-9150.

Female Athletes Only

The Northern Lights Power League is a female player only event. Boys playing on 12's, 13's, or 14's teams are not eligible to participate in the league.

Libero Serving

The Libero is permitted to serve in all age divisions.

Certified Athletic Trainers

Northern Lights is proud to continue its tradition of providing Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists athletic trainers at it's power league dates. The trainers will be able to provide taping services, ice, and emergency injury evaluation. This has always been great benefit to the players and one which is becoming more important as the athletes play at higher levels.


All matches will be held in the state-of-the-art Midwest Volleyball Warehouse facility!

  • 8 Courts - each in 50' bays. More space than any other facility in the Midwest!
  • Full Floating Sport Court floor. Built on Neo-Shok performance pads, this floor has a high degree of rebound and cushion. Players will see reduced injury from repetitive jumping and training on this floor.
  • A 5000 sq ft Strength and Conditioning room.
  • Separate Athletic Training room.
  • 30' wide Mezzanine, the most viewing area of any facility in the Midwest.
  • Large concession area with dual serving windows for faster service.
  • Largest Volleyball Retail store in the Midwest.
  • Easy access, Located at the intersection of County 42 & Judicial Road.
  • 450+ parking spaces.

Midwest Volleyball Warehouse is designed specifically for Junior Olympic Volleyball and is a smoke and alcohol free facility.

The facility is located in Burnsville 1.3 miles west of Burnsville Center at the intersection of County Rd 42 and Judicial Road.


This year there is space for 256 teams. But don't delay getting your entry ASAP - entry is based on a first come first serve basis. Every year we turn teams away because the league fills before they get registered. Teams who were in the league previously do not have an automatic place. Get your registration in EARLY!

All entry fees are non-refundable, non-transferable. Do not enter a team unless you plan to fill that place or lose your entry fee.

All registration for the Northern Lights Power League and Optional Dates must be done on www.TM2sign.com. Registering for the Power League does not automatically include you in the Optional Dates. You must register for both if you wish to do both.

Click here for simple registration instructions.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each team must have two contact people.  One can be the Club Director / Team Rep, and the other must be a coach.  This will ensure we have valid contacts to which we can send important information, schedule changes, etc.

Both the Club Director and Head Coach MUST HAVE a valid email address and a valid phone number.  Most communication will be done through email.  We want phone numbers in case of critical situations when we need to get a hold of somebody on your team.  Your entry will not be considered complete until we have two contacts on each roster.

Click here for instructions on how to add staff to your team roster.

Payment Options

Immediate payment can be made online with a credit card. If you pay online, you do not need to send anything (registration forms, rosters, release forms, etc) to the Northern Lights Office.

If you wish to pay by check, you must print out the entry form and send a check for the entry fee to Northern Lights Junior Volleyball. Please include the name of your club on your check. The address is:

Northern Lights Junior Volleyball
14050 Judicial Road
Burnsville MN 55337

We must receive your check within 5 days of you submitting a team using the on-line registration. If we do not receive your check within 5 days of your submission, your team will be deleted from the database and you will no longer be registered in the league. Please send one check for all teams in your club, not one check per team.

Please do not send us any payments until after you have registered on  TM2sign.com.

Entry deadline is December 9, 2016 or when the team limit has been reached. Last year all divisions filled early.

All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
Be sure of your registration before you enter your team!