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NL Home

The Parent / Player section of our website is located on www.signuptoplay.com.

Players and Coaches can access the page using their SignUpToPlay.com login.

Parents can access the page by using their DAUGHTER'S account.

The Parent / Player page will be the "Home" page when you login to the website.

Putting the page on www.signuptoplay.com adds a necessary level of security. The information published on the Parent / Player website includes travel plans and other information that should be kept secure. Putting this information behind a secure login on www.signuptoplay.com  ensures the information will not be searchable on the internet and keeps others from viewing any confidential club information.

If you do not know the account information, you can easily look it up using the link on the SignUpToPlay.com website labeled "Forgot your Username or Password?".

Click here to go to www.signuptoplay.com.