Monday  Jan 3, 2017

Day 5 – Alkmaar

By:  Carsyn Mizsak & Kate Reimann

Northern Lights 16-2


Today was our first day of playing in the tournament. In Europe the playing style and rules are very different and unique compared to the United States. It took a little time for our team to adjust to these rules but eventually we got the hang of it. Some different rules here are: the libero is not allowed to serve, if a ball hits the ceiling it is counted as out and once you substitute in and out you are not allowed to enter the game again. Playing against European teams was quite different because they speak different languages and we couldn’t understand anything they were saying.


On the first day of play we didn’t do as well as we would’ve liked, going 2-3 on the day but the competition here was very difficult. Our teammate, Jaz, was unstoppable during our game against Dinto, crushing the ball on to the ten foot line multiple times during the match and getting a hand full of stuff blocks.


The tournament staff here happily provided us with sandwiches, fruit and soup every day for lunch. After playing we all showered and went to school where the rest of the teams are staying for their trip and we ate delicious lasagna, rice and bread dinner.


 After dinner the tournament staff had a great surprise for the teams. They booked a place called “Escape Room Alkmaar” where we had to solve puzzles to escape the room. The staff split all the teams up so that we had to communicate and work with other cultures to solve the puzzles. After that we went back to our B and B, got some sleep and prepared for the next day.