Monday  Jan 2, 2017

Day 4 – Alkmaar

By Kelley Johnson & Jaidyn Spencer

Northern Lights 16-2


            On Monday, the teams all went to have breakfast with the mayor and toured the city hall of Alkmaar. They were very welcoming and told us many amazing facts like how they have 10 parties of government as opposed to our two. It was very interesting to learn about how different their government is to ours. They have a king which I personally didn’t know. Once we left the city hall we were walking back to the B & B, there was a man with a dog. Jaidyn asked if she could pet the dog because it was very cute. The man said “No.” Then there was a man walking towards us who proceeded to yell at us in Dutch. When we asked the man with the dog what he had said, he replied with, “The man called you dirty Americans who take up the whole road.”

            When we got back to the B & B, we got ready to go and scrimmage two Netherland volleyball teams. Once the scrimmages were finished, we showered and headed to dinner. For dinner we had Italian food. Kelley and Maddie shared a margarita pizza and spaghetti, while Jaidyn had the ravioli. After we gobbled up the food, we walked back to the B & B. Once we got there, there were cars waiting to bring us to the school where the other teams are staying. We had the opening ceremonies and video introductions, meeting all the teams. It was super cool to see all the different cultures and meet new people.

            Once the opening ceremonies were over, we made our way back to the B & B. When we got back, we began to get ready to sleep. We did a little team bonding while playing spicy uno then got ready for bed. It was a long but fun day!!!!