Saturday & Sunday Dec 31 & Jan 1

Day 3 & 4 – Alkmaar & Amsterdam

By Kenna Orr & Mari Hinkle

Northern Lights 16-1


            On New Years Eve we went to a Family’s lettuce farm about fifteen minutes away from the Bed and breakfast. We then met the family that owned the farm, they had sons and daughters that also played volleyball. We learned about the lettuce they grow and how they grow it. After that we grilled different types of meats, such as chicken, steak, pork, ect. There was also salad fruit, vegetables and very good donut type things with powered sugar on them.

            The family had a very large warehouse, with lots of games and we peppered, played volleyball, and listened to music. After lots of fun and games, we went inside to celebrate the new year, the younger boys went outside and lit the fireworks. Then we said goodbye and went back to the B&B.


            On Sunday we got up around nine o’clock and had breakfast at 9:15 we left the B&B at 10:30. We walked ¾ of a mile to get to the train station. The train ride was 30 minutes after we got off the train we walked to Dam square in Amsterdam which was the old town central. We explored the main shopping street of Dam square and had lunch. After our two hours of exploration was up we headed over to the Anne Frank house/museum. We sat in line for to get into the house, when we got in the house it was very nice. After we were done in there we went to a pancake house which was actually crepes. Then we went back to the B&B after the walking and train ride.