Thursday December 29 – Friday Dec 30-Saturday Dec 32

Day 1 – USA to Amsterdam & Alkmaar

By Stephanie Barber & Macy Winter

Northern Lights 16-2


            Hello from Alkmaar! Yesterday was a long day, but now that we’re here, we know it was worth the trip. Our flight was eight hours long, and it was especially long because Maddie cried watching The Notebook next to Macy, and Aspen kept falling asleep on Steph’s tray table. Once we landed, we walked for what seemed like miles until we found our bus. The bus took us directly to the Windmill Village, where we stayed for a few hours. We did a lot of fun things like climb to the top of a Windmill, got hot chocolate and get our picture taken in a giant yellow clog. There were a lot of beautiful windmills and lots of friendly sheep, goats and ducks. Kelley and Maddie chased the ducks around the square to get pictures of  “Amsterdam ducks.” We boarded the bus again which took us to our bed and breakfast in Alkmaar.  

            When we arrived, we went to our rooms and unpacked. In one case, the rooms were actually 3 small fake campers on turf as carpet with beds in them with 2 fake cows and a fake chicken that Steph put a clog on in the living room. Aspen dressed up the cow and made it look authentic with a stunning bonnet.  After unpacking, we went out and walked around downtown Alkmaar. It was very beautiful especially with the Christmas lights, and we took a lot of pictures. When we were done exploring, we sat down and had a delicious mac n’ cheese dinner and went to bed.

            In the morning, we had an authentic European breakfast of meat, cheese and bread with hard boiled eggs and cereal. After eating, we all went back to our rooms, relaxed and got ready to go back downtown. We spent hours looking at the market, going in souvenir shops, and eating traditional Alkmaar food. In one of the shops, we met a friendly Dutchman, who enjoyed talking us “ignorant Americans.” While describing the similarities between sports in our two countries, he told us about the intense rivalry between the two football teams. We asked if the rivalry was as strong as the Red Sox and the Yankees, but he laughed and said it was more like the Israelis and Palestinians. We bought our souvenirs and said goodbye to our new friend. Tonight we plan to celebrate the New Year!